Vehicle Tracking



Vehicle Tracking

The main reason clients requesting our tracking services are;

  • To monitor company vehicle usage

  • Assertain movements of a partner

  • High value goods and equipment

We can deploy trackers for any amount of time from 24 hours a day seven days a week. We will give you access to a tracker panel to allow you to monitor the movements "Live".

We are able to assertain start and stop locations, speeds and routes and provide a printout of this information.


We use Vehicle trackers to establish patterns, whether it it a multi-drop delivery driver or a member of a sales team visiting  a competitors offices, this will enable us to see where surveillance is best placed to get the desired results for the client.


Asset Protection

Along side our Tracking services we can provide a protective surveillance team that will covertly follow your 'Asset' and provide an advance warning of any attempt to interrupt its safe arrival.