Corporate Theft - Sickness & Absenteeism - Accidents & Fraudulent Claims - Cohabitation enquiries

It is often said that surveillance should be a last resort, here at Intrinsic Surveillance we know establishing the location and movement of people, property and vehicles may be crucial to an investigation. Surveillance increases the chance of acquiring evidence.

Intrinsic Surveillance provides professional and discreet surveillance services in support of investigations. Our surveillance operatives and vehicles are equipped with covert communications and digital video camera technology. All our surveillance is recorded, gathering intelligence and evidence for prospective legal proceedings. We provide detailed reports, witness statements and photographic/video evidence with all assignments . From criminal activity to matrimonial issues, we can help our clients get the facts necessary to acquire the truth and bring an investigation to a successful conclusion.


Our surveillance teams have delivered excellent results for clients dealing with:


  • Theft of commercial assets, goods and intellectual property

  • Flytipping

  • Breaches of contract and non-compete clauses

  • Unethical activity by competitors, employees and ex-employees

  • Personal injury fraud

  • Employee sickness absenteeism  

  • Moonlighting

  • Matrimonial and Cohabitation

  • Undercover operations

  • Blackmail

  • Misappropriation of property & funds

  • Monitoring of risk from terminations & redundancy

  • Vandalism & antisocial behaviour

  • Pilfering & stock loss