Covert Rural Surveillance (CROP)


Operating from selected concealed locations within the rural environment and recording covert footage by day or night using specialist optical equipment.

We will deploy a Covert Rural Observation Post (CROP) team when the situation dictates that you cannot get close enough to the target to deploy a surveillance team in vehicles.

For many investigators the mere thought of carrying out a covert rural surveillance operation is quite chilling. This is mainly due to the lack of experience and limited skills. The surveillance techniques used in covert rural surveillance are far more specialised and require a lot of planning and preparation before surveillance is even attempted.

Covert rural surveillance is more akin to a military operation. Our CROP operators have specialized skills learned either in Police or Military specialist covert operations units. Our covert rural surveillance (CROP) team members are experienced mobile surveillance operators and are aware of the inherent demands of this kind of operation.

Surveillance is conducted by a minimum of two specially trained  operatives using sophisticated equipment.They will conceal themselves into the area surrounding the object of observation whether is the home of the subject of investigation, farm, industrial estate or piece of land that is being fly tipped on and remain hidden until they have gained the relevant video or photographic evidence.

This service is particulary useful in the prevention of Fly tipping, illegal and unlicensed dumps, theft of cable from the railways, wind and solar farms. Theft of plant, farm equipment and livestock.