Legal Support


Intrinsic provides a full support service to Solicitors, Local Authorities and Corporate Legal Departments.


Surveillance is used to gather evidence in support of Personal injury claims whether it is for the Plaintiff or Defendant.

We have also conducted surveillance in support of other investigations such as work place absenteeism, theft, intelectual property, counterfeit goods and family matters

Witness Statements

We are able to take detailled witness statements.Our  experienced agents have taken witness statements from many people. We can take CPR or Section 9 witness statements that are fully acceptable as evidence in court cases.



Process Serving

We can serve all  UK and Foreign Court documents on the respondant normally within 24 hours but usually the same day.We can accept documents by post and email and can collect from your office or the issuing Court.

We also provide support in the execution of Search and Seizure orders


Open Source Intelligence

Using the internet as an investigative tool we are able to search for  information, in any medium, that is generally available to the public, even if its distribution is limited or only available upon payment.


Locus and Accidents

We have conducted locus and accidents reports on behalf of many of the UK's top insurance companies.

We are experienced in producing technical diagrams for Locus Reports and photographs  of the scene of the accident whether this is a motor accident or personal injury claim, our services assist with making a counter claim or producing suitable evidence to support an ongoing claim.

Our experienced and dedicated Accident Investigators can also take witness statements from victims, witnesses and authorities in relation to an accident.


Missing Persons

Tracing a missing person whether it is a family member or a debtor we can normaly trace them within 72 hours through our specialist database provide.

We are legally able to provide traces on:


Limited Companies

Non Limited Companies